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Though they have very specific needs, reptiles can make very enjoyable and rewarding pets to keep. Whether you enjoy keeping leopard geckos, bearded dragons or green iguanas we can provide you with the best living space, food, nutritional supplements and other accessories to keep your pet perfectly happy and healthy.

We stock a huge number of vivariums and other living spaces, including VivExotic Repti-Stax and vivarium starter kits which are perfect for beginners to the world of keeping reptiles! In addition to the perfect vivarium we supply a huge variety of food and accessories from reputable and trusted brands, ensuring your pet is provided with the very best.

Substrate and bedding

ZM Terrarium Moss Mini Bale


Substrate and bedding

ZM New Zealand Sphagnum Moss


Substrate and bedding

ZM Cavern Kit


Substrate and bedding

Exo Terra Turtle Pebbles


Starter Kits

ZM 40G Tortoise Kit